The Thinker Archer

The ‘Thinker Archer’, an iconic design of Nikos Vourliotis, is the new logo associated with KORYVANTES Archers Society.
It is based on an artwork of early 5th century bc, currently displayed at British Museum, that depict a kneeling Archer warrior inspecting one of his arrows, bearing two bows, a large quiver and a crested ‘Chalcidian’ helmet. The artwork reflect an era of military reformations of the ancient Hellenic world, where native-origin archers replaced mercenary Scythian units and were crucially deployed in battlefields.
logo koryvantesarchery3 (1).jpg
The contemporary Thinker Archer logo, inspired by an Archer warrior depiction of Classical era
The Society logo reveals the elements of analytical thinking (arrow inspection), tactical and strategic efficiency (two bows of different sizes) and the eternal Hoplite ethos (helmet). It represents the new era of Traditional Archery that the KORYVANTES Society has inspired in the contemporary Hellenic Archery community.
St. Dimitrie Church Frescoes, Suceava, Romania
St. Dimitrie Church Frescoes, Suceava, Romania. Image may be copyrighted.

The artistic pattern of the archer warrior inspecting his arrow is quite common in ancient Hellenic art. It is interesting though that the pattern is repeated in late medieval Byzantine military-Saints frescos, 20 centuries later.