Hellenic Traditional Archery

The KORYVANTES Archery society

26559973724_10ab66cdda_oFormed in 2012, KORYVANTES Archery Society promote the use of recreational and athletic traditional bows (recurve, longbow) for target and clout shooting by arranging training meetings for its members and cooperating with Hellenic Archery Federation and International Archery Organisations. The Society promote the Academic research by publishing its studies and papers in renowned Archeology Journals. Since 2016, the Society operate under the technical guidance of the KORYVANTES Sports Club  and the Greek Archery Federation authority and rules.

wtaf-logo-yeni“WTAF – The World Traditional Archery Federation is only 8 years old, but our profile is one of the oldest heritages in mankind. Today our Federation has 54 country members worldwide and we salute Greek archers in our family not only as archers but as excellent presenters in our Academic Conferences. The KORYVANTES team justifies our slogan: “Traditional Archery Is More Than Sport” – it is also preservation of cultural heritage, experimental archaeology and archery practice! Your members are researchers of ancient Greek weaponry, armor and fighting techniques as well.

We – and all Hungarians – learn about your mythology and we know that when Hercules went for the Apples of Hesperides he made a miraculous shot and freed Prometheus. We hope all the members of KORYVANTES will be heroes like Hercules and save the Heritage of Greek History and present it worldwide for our admonition. On the other hand: we – Greek and Hungarian archers – should work together on Scythian memories like second cousins.

Dear Spyros Bakas and KORYVANTES Team, we are waiting for you at our yearly competitions in Hungary to practice our lovely traditional archery together.

And may your arrows hit their targets!”

Posta Pál, Vice President of World Traditional Archery Federation, European Director

englsh-1“The Society for the Promotion of Traditional Archery in the UK (founded 1998) is proud to be associated with Koryvantes, which represents the best of knowledge about Hellenic archery.

The members of this group take great pride in their archery history and work hard to promote this and secure a future for this sport in Greece.

My invitation from the group to take part in the Total Field Games proved to be a great experience, and long may they continue to recruit more archers to their cause.”

Hilary Greenland, The Society for the Promotion of Traditional Archery in the UK


main_title_6“May Apollo and Artemis protect your club and help achieve mastery in difficult art of Archery. Following their advice always fully draw your bows, pay attention to the strong grasp (only for “thumbringers”), aim accurately and keep your left hand motionless.

Apollo, Apollo
The God of poetry
I’d also like to learn archery
And a song or two
On the lyre from you
I wish you steadfastness and success”

Adam Swoboda, Thumbring Archery Expert, Honorary member of the Polish Association of Traditional Archery,  Author of the book “The art of shooting a short reflexed bow with a thumb ring



10As President of the ETAS,

I am proud to be associated with the archers of Koryvantes, a group of fine dedicated archers that keep a long tradition of 33 centuries Hellenic archery alive and work hard to spread this out and secure it for the future.

I give a warm welcome to all the archers of the Koryvantes group by the European Traditional Archery Society.

Also I am sure that the we will have a good relationship by sharing the know how about traditional Bows and arrows.

Aim instinctive


Gert Neelen, President of the European Traditional Archery Society, November 2016